Sunday, February 7, 2010

Funny Face

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Cape: INC International Clothing
Striped Bodysuit: Forever 21
Jeggings: Miley Cyrus and Max Azria for Walmart (looove them, I have 3 pairs and have all my friends HOOKED! only $20)
Skinny Belt: ?? Stolen from my roomie's closet
Scarf: ?? Found it in my Mom's closet
Mirror Ring: Marc Jacobs vending machine
Suede Wedges: Steven by Steve Madden

Finally, first actual outfit post! I decided to take it slow and start simple. I wore this look to dinner last night with a friend. We has a blast and I decided to put it back on today for a little shoot. It reminded me of Audrey Hepburn (my favorite) in Funny Face. Just sleek, classic lines with a scarf added for a little pizazz. I apologize for the scary dark makeup, I had a photo shoot earlier today that required smokey eyes. Oh, and these pictures honestly do not do the look justice. My boyfriend took the pictures and we are still learning how to do the whole do-it-yourself photo shoot.

Oh just ordered a cute gold men's timex watch off of gilt today, only $32! Ch ch check it out :

What do you think of this look?



Unknown said...

I love how you've incorporated old and new, borrowed and blue, like a modern bride! It all looks fabulous. I can't wait to see your upcoming spring looks! You should venture into the beauty world eventually!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin! I just stumbled upon your blog and am feeling very inspired by your unique blend of femininity, vintage flair, and edgy touches. Can't wait to visit again!

Bexs said...

Gosh! sorry it took so long too get back! You are my new love also, i love love love your blog! Well i just personalised a couple of pictures and then used a blogger template already on this site instead of getting a blog skin. Btw, tell me about it! Ifu want to know more you can comment (:

xx beckah

eesa said...

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE your cape holy bejesus

DEA said...

ou, I love the cape! It´s reaaaally looking great on you. and the scarf is cute too :)

Anonymous said...

love the classic look and the cape is adorable

check out my blog

clouds of tulle said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! i always appreciate comments from new readers like youself. =)

This outfit is great! i can tell its' a start of something great!!

FashionHippieLoves said...

fantastic cape!


Allegra said...

LOVE it! and your hairstyle is totally amazing. I also love your header. great blog, honey.

after dawn said...

oo i adore that cape! x

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

nice outfit, love the cape and your top! you have a great blog too :)
thanks so much for following me and your sweet comment! really appreciate that!

Celine said...

I think this is adorable! And I can totally relate on the not-perfect pictures. I just started my blog too -check it out if you have some time :) - and I think I need to become friends with photoshop...or get a new camera. Or something. Haha

Anyway, great job!

DENNI said...

great one.


Celine said...

Hey Erin, following you and your lovely blog! :)


after dawn said...

your comment was so sweet! i smiled when i read it, thanks doll! also looking forward to your next outfit post. This being your first one, your blog is so promising :) x

Anonymous said...

love the cape
gorgeous and chic
fantastic look darling
glad i came across your blog
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments, i appreciate it


ali said...

lovely, is your blog named after the band song ophelia? i'm a huge band fan so i noticed it right away!

Ashley said...

Cool outfit! the jeggings are awesome.

B a la Moda said...

You look great with the smoky eye look. The cape is very pretty. And love how you paired with stripes.

B* a la Moda

Sharon Lei said...

What an amazing cape! ooo and what is a Marc Jacobs vending machine!? Sounds cool.

xx Love & Aloha.

Jane Anne said...

ok so first of all I love that you're making britt photograph you. and i remember that MJ ring too well, i'm still jealous of it. and i'm obsessed with stripes recently!

thinking of starting my own blog too, but i don't know how to make it look cool. help please?

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