Monday, April 5, 2010

Clean Up Woman- Betty Wright

      Back from Mexicooo woohooo! The last comment on my previous entry seriously jumpstarted my writing.  That was so sweet, I love comment encouragement.  I'm so excited for warm weather and summer clothes!  Lately I have been really into cutoff jorts (jean shorts)...I know that sounds weird but seriously old cut off mom jeans make the best ones.

       Jorts have the ability to turn a chic outfit casual, which is often necessary in the summer months.  These pictures below are of my friend Alex.  She has great personal style and kills anything casual.  I plan to have her guest write on my blog in the future while she gets her own blog underway.  

Shirt- Collective Clothing
Shorts- Levi 501's 
Bag- Melie Bianco
Shoes- Sam Edelman
Rings- Forever 21

      Oh and also I went to a toga party and included a pic below.  I was dying for a neon pink toga but all I could find was swimsuit obviously, I bought it.  And let me just tell you, if you ever go to a toga party, BUY THIS FABRIC! It was so easy to tie I barely had to use any pins, while I was pinning my roommates into their satin togas for seriously 5 hours!

I missed you blogging world! Tell me what you think!


Suyinsays said...
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Suyinsays said...

hiya erin! yay im so glad youre back and i could help! your friend alex looks seriously coool :) and that toga party looks like so much fun!

lots of love and keep blogging!!!

Suyinsays said...

haha sorry if ive left like ten comments, i think theres something wrong with my computer!

Anonymous said...

Woah 5 hours. Seriously high fashion toga. Satin is a pain in the ass to work with

mel said...

she is stunning:)
haha those togas look amazing, but 5 hours!!! wow, im not that patient, you guys look amazing

DEA said...

cute cute cute! Love those rings from forever 21! and those shorts are reaaaally nice! :)

Soso said...

i like your blog,i follow u!
follow me? =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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для сайта

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