Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life in Color

I'm jumping out of my fashion box for a moment to tell what's currently inspiring me.

I have always toyed around with the thought of having an orange dining room.  I want lavish crown molding, antique gold heavily gilded mirrors and loads of colorful abstract art. Oh, and did I forget, a crystal chandelier as the icing on the quirkily decadent cake.  I was searching the web for inspiration and came across these perfect spaces:

(via Drake Design)
(via House and Home)

Oh and I didn't stop with dining rooms, look at this beautiful mango kitchen.  The added touches, like the mirror and painting and orchid, it almost inspires me to try my hand at cooking...I could live in a kitchen like this.

(via April Tidey)

What do YOU think?




Chan said...

I love those rooms! The orange is so cute and different. I love bright colors in a house. They are expressive and fun!

Robyn said...

I love me a bright, tangerine room full of contrasting sharp grays and some complementary cool colors like robin's egg blue. Lovely pics!


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