Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick fix

Chris Benz Shangri La Dress (via

Acne Float Dress (via

fashion love,


p.s. tell me your thoughts
Lately I've found myself wondering if I should've pursued buying as a career.  Shopping as an occupation seems blissful. I know there is loads more to being a buyer than merely shopping but maybe something in fashion industry will discover my desires and find me....que sera sera.

Browsing through shopbop today and stumbled across these delectable creations:


Francesca said...

really like the dress in the second photo, ♥

Suyinsays said...

and with a bang i see!
a few things:
i <3 benefit soo much, i used to have the tint until i ran out and my mum refused to buy another :'(

i also looove wearing my hair like this (you can see a few pictures on me on holiday with it onmy blog)

and asos is absolutely amazing!

buyin also sounds perfect for you, whats your current job?

lots of love and im glad youre back!

ps, dont worry, the follwers will come, this is a good blog

Jane Anne said...

LOVE love the Chris Benz dress. you can just wrap it up and give it to me now!

Jane Anne said...

p.s. check out my blog:

Bridgette said...

Thanks for the blog comment!
I love both of these dresses!!

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