Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I Were a Rich Girl..

I am so excited to have been selected as a Shop It To Me Trendsetter!  I'm featured on the Shop It To Me trendsetters page here:  http://www.shopittome.com/trendsetterstrendsetters

You simply select the designers that you care to shop for and enter in your sizes. When these designers have pieces in your size on sale, you are alerted by email! You also control the days in which your "sale mail" is sent to you.  Such an amazing idea.

You can click this link to join the site: http://shopittome.com/index/referral/C5T1zOzhB2kIxyRhSrm6OCig_eq_eq

Other news, browsing Net-a-Porter today and created a mental wish list...

Here are a few pieces that really caught my eye:

(via net-a-porter)





LUU H. said...

congrats !; )

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