Monday, June 21, 2010

Still Summer

WOOOOW. Crazy busy weekend, my birthday and traveling.  I am very pleased to announce the winner of last week's Fauna Tapir pillow give away is comment number 12! Chan from  I wish you much happiness with your pillow donated from CSN's  

*edit: the original number generator had a min and max on 1-15 and generated 12, unfortunately it keeps resetting when I post it.  

A few things that I have been lusting over:







Unknown said...

Love those earrings! :) Insanity! And yellow pants could do a lot to any item in someone's closet.

Lynzy said...

AW beautiful flats !

xo Lynzy

Unknown said...

beautiful earrings. i would lust over those as well.

Lovely Curse

Teresa said...

Oh, those fish earrings are fantastic! Love the way they hang!


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