Thursday, September 9, 2010

Complete Lust

So I made my usual blog visits this morning and was completely blown away by the current Late Afternoon post.  The first outfit literally needs to be on my body right now.  I usually feel bad about taking unoriginal content from another blog, but these darlings, I believe, need to be shared. 


(via fashiongonerogue, studdedhearts, souvenirs)

Something else I would like to mention: I WON THE LATE AFTERNOON SHOP IT TO ME GIVEAWAY!  How cool, I never win anything.  I won this seriously fabulous Elizabeth and James ring:
Well, that's it, have a fabulous weekend!




Jess said...

love these too! i saw that 2nd one on asos and it's probably the only thing i could even think about affording.

Fredrika said...

Love the outfits!!
And congrats for winning the giveaway :D

Caroline said...

love, love, love the first look

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