Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bronde: The New Blonde

Hair that is too blonde is notorious for wreaking havoc on your complexion. It does absolutely nothing for your skin tone, and often looks over processed and damaged.

The solution: multidimensional hair color. Add some highlights and or low-lights to your do. All-over color can look drab but multi-tonal color adds shine, movement, and texture.

Here are a few of my favorite multidimensional hair colors (my new goal is to achieve SJP's):







Laura said...

I just got the Audrina done last week!
where I got light brown highlights on the top where hair can have the "sunkissed look" but its still brown on bottom.

mea said...

AGREED! I love Kate Cassidy's hair in Gossip Girl... good color. I've never put color in my hair thoguh so i probably wont! Dark brunette till i die ...or go grey!

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