Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Color Love

Got to brainstorming about my new home! Hopefully I'll be moved into my cute little cottage by February.  We're trying to come up with color schemes, any suggestions?  Also, loving these unexpected combinations:

(all images via apartmenttherapy.com)

Who knew chartreuse was so versatile?




Inexchange said...

i love the first one! my room still looks like I just moved in. Even my vinyl is still in a sad little box next to endless stacks of homeless books.

mea said...

where are you moving to a little cottage?? please be dallas!

Chan said...

I really love the last one with the pop of blue in the chair and wallpaper! Wallpaper has become a new thing to use as accent on a single wall. I really love it and mixing patterns is a talent! I love the first room too..that bedding is beautiful and classy. The chair is antique and modern in one which is really hard to accomplish!

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