Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fur Real

Yesterday my fashion-savvy friend Garrett brought up an controversial topic, fur.  Let me quote her directly:

"I'm sorry but what is up with this faux fur coat ridiculousness? In no way are they original, classy, or even remotely flattering. They remind me if what a grandmother would wear to a winter funeral and embody, in a tangible form, everything that is wrong with cycles...But I digress..."

Club Monaco Gwen Faux Fur Coat

The picture above accompanied her rant.

Personally, I have always been one to wear both real fur and faux fur. Fur should always look luxurious, classy, and undeniably provocative.  For me, fur represents the glamour of old Hollywood. 

It does not matter if your fur is faux or real, it should never, I repeat never, look FRUMPY.  Fur that is frumpy defeats the whole purpose of wearing fur in the first place.  If you choose to wear fur that is faux, choose a piece that looks like it's real. 

They make faux pieces nowadays that literally need the tag checked in order to determine the material.  I have compiled a collection of fur-tastic looks below that include both faux and real fur.  The ticket? You can't tell the difference and these looks are anything but dowdy. 

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So go ahead and wear your sumptuous fur with pride, nobody has to, or should know if it's faux or the real deal.
Happy Thursday!


mea said...

i love my faux fur!!


mea said...

dang the image didn't post! i'll put it on mine! with a response later!

Laura Bryan said...

I have a personal rule that I do NOT wear real fur if it hasn't been dead for 20 years. That is, I will only wear my Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother's Fur. I NEVER wear rabbit, on principal, because of my baby Beana. I think I may have accidentally bought a black sheep skin vest last winter, because when I read the label, It just said "100% wool" so I thought it was just sheered fur. I still have no idea if a sheep lost it's skin on account of this vest, and I feel guilty every time I look at it.
Leather from cows are almost always fine because at least we are using the hide of animals that people eat anyway. But all of that is uncomfortable to try and put into words when people ask you if you are wearing real fur.
xo, LCB

Karoline Kalvø said...

Love this and your whole blog so much. Just so much inspiration.


Viv said...

i can't wait for cooler weather to wear my faux fur coats!

Annushka said...

I Love this post, very beautiful)))

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