Monday, October 25, 2010

Reading on the Reg

Lately I've had a quite a lot of friends ask what blogs I read regularly.  Well--let the questions cease, I am here to tell all. 

Every morning I find myself going back to check the same five blogs.  This might be because I have them saved on my Safari tool bar (which I recommend you do too). Here they are:

Late Afternoon

I've been following Liz Cherkasova's blog, Late Afternoon, the longest (I spoke about her here and here).  Late Afternoon is actually what inspired me start my own blog.  She resides in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. She has been described as an "urban sweetheart," and wears the name with pride.  Here are a few of my favorite Liz looks:

Cupcakes and Cashmere
I began reading L.A. resident Emily Schuman's blog Cupcakes and Cashmere regularly after her bag for Coach was released.  She not only does outfit posts, but also is an amazing cook and blogs about her DIY projects. Here are a few of my favorite things Emily:

The Glamourai
I was introduced to Kelly Framel's blog The Glamourai by sifting through articles about the bloggers for Coach handbag line.  Kelly's Coach bag was actually my very favorite.  Kelly resides in New York City.  I love the way she playfully mixes vintage with new, designer with F21,  Here are a few of my favorite looks by Kelly:

Fashion Toast
I only recently began to read Rumi Neely's blog Fashion Toast (what a mistake that was). I absolutely love her daring outfits and photos with best friend and blogger Bryan Boy.  If you regularly read my blog you may have seen the post I wrote about her here. Here are a few of my favorite things Rumi:

The Blonde Salad
Last but not least Chiara Ferragni's blog The Blonde Salad.  This Italian has access to some of the most fabulous clothes (many she shares with her mom) I have ever seen. I only began reading her blog which written in both English and Italian a few weeks ago.  Here are a few of my favorite looks Chiara:
DSC_0296 copiaDSC_0479 copia
DSC_0070 copia

(all images via their corresponding blogs)

Hope you enjoy and add all five of these blogs to your daily favorites (well six, if you include Ashes of Laughter, which you should).  Have a great weekend!




Eleanor said...

i always read cupcakes and cashmere - that was the blog that influenced me!! i hadnt heard of the first one! glad to have found it - looks great! great post! you should go look up and - they were also so inspiring when i started out! love the blog! come by to mine and say hi, n follow!

Marella said...

Really nice blog! New follower, I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss

Ashley said...

We have the exact same taste in blogs! I love every one of these that you posted - Fashiontoast is my absolute fav, I love Rumi! Great pictures you chose too! :)


Anonymous said...

great collection
love your blog
keep it up, good inspiration
thanks for sharing, i'll be back for sure!


Aissata said...

love Rumi, she's a amazing

Krista Grace said...

I love Rumi :) been following Fashiontoast the longest :D But I'd recently followed Late Afternoon, too. :)

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