Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the Move

I woke up to a nice surprise this morning.  Jordan, one of my best friends told her co-worker about Ashes of Laughter.  Her co-worker is now a follower and I received this picture of her this morning:

The lovely Erin Campbell loved the "Over the Knee" post so much that she was inspired to sport her own tall socks and black suede wedges.  How cute is she?

I love to hear from my readers! If you ever want to send me a picture, or ask me a question, email me at  Who knows, you could make your debut on Ashes of Laughter as well!

Stay tuned readers because I have a little surprise in the works for you coming later this week!




Erin said...

Oh you made my day. :)

Thank you!
Erin Campbell

BTW, I heart your blog!

mea said...

So cute! gosh I need winter clothes! E- Come to Dallas and be my personal shopper this wkend! kthanksbye!

Laura Bryan said...

As you know from my text pic from like a month ago, I dig the plaforms/heels with high socks, but my new obsession is, knee or thigh-high boots with above the knee socks peeking out a' la Mary Louise Parker. This look even works with leggings, jeans and (lol) JEGGIN'S. The girls in Oxford couldn't wrap their mind around the concept when I did it this weekend, They thought the socks were all apart of my equestrian riding boots, and I was like "No, it's not a specific brand you can buy, It's a pair of boots and a pair of socks..." It's so fun to baffle via fashion.
Lunch soon.

Marella said...

Really nice!

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