Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE Perfect Dress.

I saw this dress a few months back while online browsing and cannot stop thinking about it.

Every aspect is completely perfect. It has a detachable skirt that can also be worn as a cape. Genius, non?

Maybe it has to do something with reading the old yellow bound Nancy Drew as a child (slash teen and adult), but I feel like she would have worn this dress.
Without further ado, the Oscar de la Renta Silk Faille Peplum dress:

(images via saks.com)
And what a steal for only $2,490.00!

Saks mentioned that I may also like these:

...and how right they were.



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Anonymous said...

beautiful dresses!<3

Unknown said...

Ooo i love how you can use it as a cape too. Nice blog!

Check out mine here


Unknown said...

Such a chic dress indeed!

Oscar De La Renta is a pro at old Hollywood glamour!

Love your blog!
I have one too, if you ever wanna stop by, feel free!


Lady Blues said...

yeah:) nice^^

Anonymous said...

Chloe & Reese! Navy Dress:)

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