Sunday, December 5, 2010

Equestrian Chic

It's amazing how chic the equestrian set is:
I feel like I need to order riding pants this instant, or at least tan leggings.
Trainer's Choice Equestrian Breeches
Loving the oxfords paired with shorts and a blazer.

Jeffrey Campbell Prospect Oxford

 Loving the ruffles and crested blazer.
Ralph Lauren Crested Blazer
Plaid, and riding boots.

Hunter "Lady N" wellies.
Completely obsessed with these Vince Camuto riding boots.

Burberry Bolton House Check Messenger Bag
Sanctuary English Boyfriend Blazer.
Love these elbow patches. Golden Goose Felt Elbow-Patch Blazer

Happy Monday!




Unknown said...

soooo chic <3 love those JC oxfords! awesome picks :)


Katie Howe said...

I had the Vince Camuto riding boots and they broke after wearing them twice! I was told It had happened a lot. So sad! But this is by far my favorite post! Love you!!

Laura Bryan said...

As someone who has ridden for many years and at times, avidly (2-3 times a week from age 5-18.) I like the "equestrian" trend but some things that are considered apart of the trend would never be suitable or acceptable for an actual Dressage, Hunter-Jumper or Cross Country event. Not USET standards. The pants are called Jodhpurs, the Hunters are called Muck boots, (for being in paddocks around doo-doo)and any shoe that is to be worn while riding is to have about (and only) slightly less than a 1 inch inch heel, and a thin sole, for keeping those heels down and balance on your toes. I forgot to mention that at least the ankle must be covered for paddock boots. For genuine riding boots, get your entire measurements taken at a participating equestrin store and have them sent off to DEHNER. It is extremely expensive for a cutom fitting, But it is legit for an authentic equestrian look. Show boots are notorious for needing 3 people to get them off of you. I got lucky and I have my grandmother's DEHNERs because we have the exact same anatomy from knee- down. I love the trend though, just not the floppy neck bows and ties, and the Jacket colors and patterns that would get you kicked out of an event!
-Laura Bryan

Laura Bryan said...
thats DEHNERs website. It's mostly for Hanoverian breed lovers (we had 3 so im obsessed)
Oh yeah and golves that grip are very important too, gloves are a great aspect to the trend.

Erin Baskin said...

Hahah Laura I was waiting for your commentary. I really should've had you co-write this post. Looove you.

Unknown said...

Erin, you are just the greatest. I love everything about this post... Especially the tweet tag!! Thanks for the fashion advice. Keep the post coming -- I read them religiously.
Xoxo Liz

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