Monday, January 3, 2011

Model Behavior

Back from New York with a million pictures and memories! I would suggest that everyone spend new years in New York at least once, so much fun! So happy to be back from my blogging hiatus. Don't worry, I'll post pictures from my trip in the next few days, but for now:

Loving this editorial:

karl lagerfeld 170410

p.s. I almost forgot! I ran into Sally's Beauty Supply last week to grab a few things, and the lady gave a few samples of "One 'n Only Argon Oil" shampoo and conditioner. Ohmygosh I used both this morning and my hair feels and smells ah- mazing. Definitely going back to purchase the full-sized bottles!!


Tess said...

I loveeeeeeeee these photos.

Glad to hear you had a nice time in NYC!

xxo Tess S.

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