Friday, February 25, 2011

DIY Project 1

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share a few DIY projects that my roommate and I have been doing around the house.

First up, my dark and dated floor lamp:

In order to update the lamp, we decided to purchase a more contemporary shade.  After buying the new shade, we bought silk hydrangeas and hot glued them around the base.

Next we spray painted the base of the shade with Krylon's brushed metallic "Champagne."

Just look at the difference!

Do you have any good DIY projects you'd like to share?

Hope you have a happy weekend!




Garrett Simpson said...

Who's that hottie in all the pics??

So shay said...

Super cute lamp! Love it! :)

Miranda said...

OMG what an awesome idea, I'm so stealing this!

Unknown said...

wondeful pictures!
HI! my name's martina and I come form Italy.... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
kiss kiss ;D

Caroline said...

When I came over last week I didn't even realize that was the same lamp! It looks so much better! Maybe Grace and I should do something like that for the lamp on our entry way table.

mea said...

fabulous! please more pics of the new place i'm dieing ova hurrr!

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