Monday, February 28, 2011

Not So Neutral

As of right now, my bedroom is completely neutral. Think light yellow/cream walls, mirrored accent tables, white bedding, cream taffeta curtains and pops of gold. I'm searching for an accent color but I honestly can't decide. Help me choose?




Chan said...

Love the rooms and the post. I think that a light green or pink would be really pretty in the room. Maybe even a golden yellow and green and have two contrasting colors that pop and work off each other. Dont do the blue...that is the color palette I am using with my headboard. :)

Jane Anne said...

My room started out very neutral as well. Then I went with the blue and tan tones from my bedding to pick up the blue in the flea-market painting above my bed and tan/brown taffeta curtains to add some depth.

I think you could do yellow and green as something interesting and fresh, especially for spring! My room is set up so that if I get tired of the blue/tan scheme I can change the bedding and curtains fairly easily to get a new look.

Miss you!

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