Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY Project 2-3

Next up, the dark chandelier in the kitchen.  We broke out the trusty spray paint again after seeing the before and after project below on design sponge (a website I strongly recommend you peek through).

This process was a little daunting seeing as we were too eager to wait on an electrician to remove the chandelier. Needless to say,we set up cardboard boxes and went to town spray painting in the middle of the kitchen (something I don't recommend).


Last but not least, the living room shelves. Unfortunately we didn't take before pictures of most of the things we've done (and we are now kicking ourselves...). However, here is the after:

It's amazing what some painters tape and a fresh coat of paint can do for a space.

Have a fabulous weekend!




Unknown said...

Gasp! Oh my! Love this idea! You're so creative! Kudos to you. :)

ae said...

Please tell me that is blue-violet! I just blogged about purples!

galatea. said...

woww that's amazing x

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