Friday, April 29, 2011

Garden Party

Dress- Tracy Feith for Target, Shoes-Kelsi Dagger, Bag and Necklace-F21

Happy weekend!




amy b.s. said...

that dress is fantastic! have a great weekend!

Lynzy said...

You look gorgeous in this tracy Reese dress! I have the same one :)
xo Lynzy

Unknown said...

that dress looks darling on you!


Emily Medford said...

Don't you wish we could use Chris Olsen's backyard for every photo shoot?!

kait said...

gorgeous gorgeous outfit!!

The Fashionable Traveler said...

What a cute dress, love the colors in the print

April said...

Love those wedges! I've been trying to find some cute ones for summer and I defintely want to find some similar to those.
Love your blog! :)
Now a follower on blog lovin'!


Shelby said...

love your blog, such great photos in your posts! you look so pretty in this dress, i absolutely love the colors. new follower <3shelby

Miri said...

That's one gorgeous dress (I would love to have target here in Germany...ahhh).
And the garden looks lovely!

Miri's Castle

ahmed said...

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