Friday, April 1, 2011

Product Love

Product Love1
1. Revlon Gumdrop Scented Nail Polish: This nail polish is actually scented which is a little weird, but the color is definitely worth it. A nice light lilac and perfect for spring.
2. NARS Duo Eye shadow in Kuala Lumpur: If you have blue/green eyes like me, this product it’s the one for you. It makes the green really POP, and has the perfect amount of shimmer. I’m a fan of all NARS products, really.

3. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: A couple of weeks ago I was at the Chanel counter getting a eye shadow brush (theirs are the BEST, along with Trish McEvoys) and the lady at the counter stuck a sample of Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua in my bag. I tried it out, and OHMYGOODNESS I’m obsessed! It’s extremely light weight, as in I felt like I was wearing air. It evens out your skin tone, and the smell is incredible. It makes your skin look flawless. Definitely recommend this product.

4. Banana Boat Summer Color: If you are one of my friends you know that I have a serious obsession when it comes to Jergen’s Natural Glow Express. It’s the only sunless tanner that makes me dark and streak-free. The only downside, the smell. Weeeeeeell my friend Maggie recently recommended Banana Boat summer sun. And let me tell you a little something about Maggie, this girl HATES sunless tanners. So for her to give it a star of approval is feat in itself. Anywhoo, this sunless tanner has a brown tint so you can see where you apply it, and the smell isn’t bad at all. It gives you nice, brown, even coverage and it lasts for almost a week.. I would definitely go try this on before summer.

What are your favorite products? Anything I need to try?




kate said...

Erin- Do you like that sunless tanner better than tan towel products? I use the tan towel lotion and it's pretty good but I haven't really "shopped around" for the best. Thanks!

Brittany Bishop said...

I currently have the Gumdrop nailpolish on toes and I love it! :)

Brittany Bishop said...

My toes** :) lol

Sophie Grace said...

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