Sunday, May 22, 2011

Currently Loving: Tassel Earrings


Completely dying for the Yves Saint Laurent tassel earrings, however, I need something a little more in my price range.  Keep your eyes peeled!




Michelle said...

They are soooo cute. My friend just made a tassel necklace out of old curtain tassels. You'd never know - it looks really expensive. I'm sure earrings wouldn't be that bad if you were crafty - I'm not. :-)

Mrs. C said...

Loving the coral/orange ones!! These are fun to wear to just give an outfit a little pizzaz!!
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anna said...

Hey E-

You should contact Bella Vita // She designed the pair below for Rock the Runway and they were so fun to wear! Only $25:

Tell her I sent ya!! ;)


Melina said...

love all of this!

Unknown said...

I am loving these tassel earrings too! great picks


April said...

I couldnt stop staring at the earrings blake was wearing the other night in gossip girl! LOVE them!


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