Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love today's devotional. We don't need to get in the habit of praying only when we are in need. God is there to listen to us about anything, all of the time {talk about understanding}. Prayer is just talking to God. It doesn't have to be formal, it doesn't have to be rehearsed, it just has to be from the heart, and it's always heard.

Anyone who is having troubles 
should pray. Anyone who is happy 
should sing praises.
James 5:13

When a believing person prays—great things happen.

If you want to deepen your prayer life—pray. Don’t prepare to pray. Just pray. Don’t read about prayer. Just pray. Don’t attend a lecture on prayer or engage in discussion about prayer. Just pray.
James 5:13 says anyone who’s having troubles should pray. Anyone who’s happy should sing praises.

Posture, tone, and place are personal matters. Do what works for you. Just don’t overthink it. In other words, don’t be so concerned about wrapping the gift that you never give it. Better to pray awkwardly than not at all.

And if you feel you should only pray when you’re inspired, that’s okay. Just see to it that you are inspired every day.

-Max Lucado


Eleanor said...

I think it is awesome that you are sharing your faith on your blog ~ in fact, it just got you a new follower! :)

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