Sunday, October 14, 2012

Max Lucado : To Reach the Destination

In order to reach the destination, we have to say no to some requests!  Can you imagine the chaos if a parent honored each request of a child during a trip? Can you imagine the chaos if God indulged each of ours? “No!” is a necessary word to take on a trip!
Scripture says, “For God has not destined us to the terrors of judgment but to the full attainment of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (I Thess. 5:9)
Note God’s destiny for your life: Salvation. God’s overarching desire is that you to reach that destiny. His itinerary includes stops that encourage your journey. He frowns on stops that deter you. When His sovereign plan and your earthly plan collide, a decision must be made. Who’s in charge of this journey?
If God must choose between your earthly satisfaction and your heavenly salvation, which do you hope He chooses?

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Amy Shaughnessy said...

If I indulged my child's every desire, he would be extremely spoiled. It is kind of interesting to compare the same thing to God. We don't always get what we want!


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