Monday, October 7, 2013

Outfit Post : Messy Braids and Camo

PIKO tunic - c/o Riffraff // Camo Jeans - Rainbow {only $19 holla}  // Cut-Out Booties - F21 // Sunglasses - Ray-Ban // Necklace - Dogeared // Chris Nations Earrings - c/o Riffraff

It's officially Fall, y'all! Bring on the chunky sweaters, cozy flannels, sky-high booties, and anything, loden green,  cold weather is here to stay!

Living {and working} in these long PIKO tunics lately. Riffraff literally has every color and style, so awesome. I also love wearing it as a mini with booties. Stay tuned later this week for a look{sy}!




Unknown said...

Found your blog through the Christian Fashion Blogger Network! While scrolling through I saw camo pants one post and a lovely yellow, cut out dress the next. I love how your style ranges!

I too am a faith/fashion blogger :) Please check out my site


Sammie said...

you look great with the army print pants :) very cool edgy look
following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)

Unknown said...

I never could work with camo especially after it became a trend not so long ago, that's why you a fashion blogger and I am not.

Unknown said...

Super chic, I'm loving those boots!

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