About Ashes of Laughter

I decided to start a blog as an outlet to vent about all things that I enjoy, specifically fashion-related musings. You will not hear me talk about my personal affairs or ramble on about my day-to-day life. This blog is all about documenting the pretty things in life. 

I am a twenty-something and work as a professional photographic fashion stylist for the corporate advertising department of a major department store chain. Yes, I have my dream job! I reside in the southern United States and have currently developed a passion for decorating (or at least the idea of decorating). 

I have always loved clothes but truly became passionate about fashion during high-school where I began sketching designs during math class. I honestly believe that a shoe collection can never be complete.  Jewelry should always make a statement, and fashion should never be serious.

I enjoy music entirely too much and have no method to my madness when it comes to my musical selections.  I have always loved abstract art and became obsessed with mixed media in latter high school.

Have any more questions? Just ask.

photo credit: meredith mashburn

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